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Best Earplugs for Women

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Earplugs Just for Women Way back in the dark ages all earplugs were made in one size fits all and invariably they were first designed for men. Many women would have tried using earplugs in those bad old days and found them uncomfortable and just plain too big. After wearing a pair all night many women ended up with very sore ears and gave up or went back to stuffing their ears with cotton!! Luckily these days you should know that they make earplugs specifically designed for women who  have smaller ear canals than men. Not only are they guaranteed...

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Motorcyclists and Wind Noise: Why Earplugs Can Help

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There is really nothing like the joy of the open road on a motorbike. The countryside racing by with nothing to think about but the curve of the road ahead. It feels like freedom. What a drag to have to think about your ears! One of the unfortunate drawbacks of avid motorcycling is wind noise combined with the cold that can leave your ears ringing like a pair of church bells before Sunday service. Hearing loss due to damage from exposure to wind noise is a real possibility associated with the riding experience. Even a short ride on your motorbike...

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Swimmer's Ear: How to prevent it and how to treat it

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What is Swimmer's ear Swimmer's ear is the term used for an infection of the outer ear canal that often starts in the eardrum and continues to the outside of the ear. The water that remains in the ear canal creates a moist environment that encourages bacterial growth. While most common in swimmers and surfers in regions with cooler waters, any conditions that promote the growth of bacteria in the inner ear may lead to some form of swimmer's ear. Causes of Swimmer's Ear Swimmer's ear is caused when bacteria makes it into the inner canal. Swimmer's ear is most...

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Surfer's Ear: how to treat it and prevent it

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Surfer's ear Surfer's ear is a term used for a condition that causes an abnormal bone growth common in the ears of someone who spends a lot of time in the water. Not be confused with swimmer's ear, which is often visible on the outside of the ear, surfer's ear is caused by ongoing exposure to cold and wind. Surfers, swimmers and even skiers and motorcyclists can develop Surfer's ear. In fact anyone who has prolonged exposure cold and wind can develop a bony growth.    Signs of Surfer's Ear Most avid surfers will have some type of bone growth....

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Welcome to www.earplugstation.com

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Hello and welcome www.earplugstation.com Check out our great range of products available for all your hearing protection needs!  We stock earplugs for every use. Earplugs for sleeping, studying, swimming, women, motorcycles, concerts and gigs, musicians, flying and for kids. We also stock travel kits and sleep masks. In fact if we don't have a type of earplug that you want let us know and we will try and get it for you. If you are not sure what kind of earplug you need drop us a line and we can give you some advice and recommend some products for you....

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