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Travel Accessories

A collection of everything you need for traveling

Earplugs for traveling: If you are going on a you're bound to come across a situation where you need a pair of earplugs. Whether it's air pressure build up on flight, noisy engines on trains, cars or noisy travel companions. Earplugs plus a sleep mask can easily and quickly help you relax and rest whatever your surroundings. We recommend EarPeace as a great allround travel earplug with it's own keyring case these earplugs will lower the volume without shutting you off from the world. Mighty Plugs, Macks Dreamgirl or Macks Original for high noise blocking and comfort for sleeping. Fling earplugs are essential nowadays and our favorite picks are Flyfit and FliteMate      

Sleep masks: Because you never know when you'll need to have quick nap! Sleep Masks are one of life's essentials that can help you relax and unwind by blocking out light when you need to put your head down for a good sleep.  

Luxury travel kits: Packing has never been easier with these lovely travel kits that contain the basics you'll need for a weekend away. Koha Spa Travel Kit & Aromatherapy Co Travel Kit.  

Travel pillows: Coming soon