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What Are the Best Ear Plugs for Kids when Swimming?

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Parents have to take some crucial steps when their kids are learning how to swim. One of them is to fit their kids with some earplugs and a swimming headband to keep out the water. Kids are prone to ear infections and if left untreated these can lead to permanent damage. The best cure is prevention and earplugs provide an easy way to keep kids ears dry and healthy. For kids who already have ear tubes from previous ear infections earplugs and swimming headbands are essential to prevent further re infection and complications. To reduce the potential for a child...

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Prevent Surfer's Ear With A Pair of ZENPLUGS For Surfers

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Prevent Surfer's Ear With A Pair of ZENPLUGS For Surfers Surfer's ear is the closing over of the ear by bony outgrowths from the wall of the ear canal.  Most lifelong surfers will have some evidence of the condition which is caused by the cooling effect of wind and water on the ear and the mastoid bone; the hard lump behind your ear.  The bony outgrowths come from your skull, gradually closing over the ear resulting in progressive deafness over the course of years.  Deafness is a late sign of the condition, in the early stages hearing is usually preserved...

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The importance of sleep

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The Importance of Sleep The Many Reasons That We Need Sufficient Sleep Sleep is an important and an essential part of a person’s overall general well-being, yet getting enough sleep is a major problem for millions of people all over the world. Some people that have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep may be plagued with an untreated sleep disorder, but for many others, they just don’t think they “need” sleep. A lot of people think that they can survive on less than six hours of sleep, and they do so due to life. Maybe they are overworked, or choose...

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How to insert and use foam earplugs instructional video

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One of the most frequently asked questions at EARPLUGSTATION is how to to fit earplugs properly. Foam earplugs can be particularly difficult to use properly and many people complain that their foam earplugs don't work or fall out. The problem is most probably that you have not been inserting your foam earplugs correctly. Watch the video below and check that you're on the right track! Chances are you've been using them incorrectly for years.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S6dthcSVIM    

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How to insert different kinds of earplugs

decibel ranges ear plugs earplugs for sleeping. swimmimg earplugs How to fit earplugs Inserting earplugs musicians ear plugs painful ears sleeping earplugs snoring earplugs

How to Insert Earplugs - Different Types of Earplugs If you're interested in wearing earplugs to protect your hearing, then you'll want to know how to properly insert them.  If they're not inserted correctly, then they won't be effective.  There are actually several different styles of earplugs to choose from, so you'll want to learn about each type of earplug and how to insert them correctly for proper hearing protection in the future.  Another important reason to know how to properly insert earplugs is the fact that you could damage your eardrum when removing the earplug, if you do it...

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