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The importance of sleep

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The Importance of Sleep The Many Reasons That We Need Sufficient Sleep Sleep is an important and an essential part of a person’s overall general well-being, yet getting enough sleep is a major problem for millions of people all over the world. Some people that have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep may be plagued with an untreated sleep disorder, but for many others, they just don’t think they “need” sleep. A lot of people think that they can survive on less than six hours of sleep, and they do so due to life. Maybe they are overworked, or choose...

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Best Earplugs for Women

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Earplugs Just for Women Way back in the dark ages all earplugs were made in one size fits all and invariably they were first designed for men. Many women would have tried using earplugs in those bad old days and found them uncomfortable and just plain too big. After wearing a pair all night many women ended up with very sore ears and gave up or went back to stuffing their ears with cotton!! Luckily these days you should know that they make earplugs specifically designed for women who  have smaller ear canals than men. Not only are they guaranteed...

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Glue Ear or Otitis Media

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Glue ear or otitis media with effusion (OME) is an ear condition that is very common in children. Fluid builds in the middle ear behind the eardrum. OME may cause temporary hearing loss in children. Prolonged hearing difficulties from glue ear may cause speech issues. There is no acute ear pain or other serious issues such as fever associated with glue ear. It is, however, important to take certain precautions such as wearing earplugs to reduce the occurrence of glue ear. Risk Factors Glue ear occurs in most children at one time or another before the age of four. Glue...

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Surfer's Ear: how to treat it and prevent it

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Surfer's ear Surfer's ear is a term used for a condition that causes an abnormal bone growth common in the ears of someone who spends a lot of time in the water. Not be confused with swimmer's ear, which is often visible on the outside of the ear, surfer's ear is caused by ongoing exposure to cold and wind. Surfers, swimmers and even skiers and motorcyclists can develop Surfer's ear. In fact anyone who has prolonged exposure cold and wind can develop a bony growth.    Signs of Surfer's Ear Most avid surfers will have some type of bone growth....

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Why Do People Snore?

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Why do people snore?   Snoring is basically the vibration of sound in spaces in your upper airway. Sounds simple, right? Just try living with a spouse who serenades you with these short guttural sounds every night. You don't always have advanced warning that your soul mate is a snorer. Once the honeymoon is over and you actually start to spend time really sleeping at night, you may come to the realization that your mate for life is going to crank up the natural noise level once the last sheep has made its leap over the fence. So, what now?...

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