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How can I pay?


You can pay directly with a credit card via our secure third party payment gateway. Your credit card details will not be held by our store. 


We take payment via PayPal which is a secure way of paying for goods online. You do not need a Paypal account to pay using this method. You will need your credit card to pay via Paypal.

How do I collect EARPOINTS?

You must have an active account at EarplugStation to collect EARPOINTS. When you make a purchase you are given the option to "create an account" choose this option and all your purchases will go towards your EARPOINTS! collection saving you loads of money! You must keep your account active to collect on your EARPOINTS stash. That means being OK receiving our monthly newsletter.

How do I open open an account?

When you make your first purchase at EARPLUGSTATION you will need to checkout as a Guest. Once you click on Guest check out you will be taken to Paypal for secure processing. After payment has been made you will be asked if you want to open an account with EARPLUGSTATION. Leave this option ticked and voila you have an account. This automatically signs you up for EARPOINTS our customer loyalty programme.      

I have a discount code how do I claim it?

You can claim your discount during the last page of checkout. Follow these steps...

  • On checkout (either as a guest or as a returning customer) you are directed to PayPal and required to fill out your credit card, shipping and billing details.
  • You will then be redirected back to our shop to pick your shipping rate and enter any discount code you have. 
  • On the same page the price is updated accordingly and you are asked to finalise your transaction and voila purchase completed!

How much is shipping to Australia?

  • There is a shipping calculator on the cart page here you can input your country, region and zip code to get a shipping estimate. 


What's NRR?

  • NNR stands for Noise Reduction Rating. This rating system is used to compare noise levels and determine how much noise ear plugs can block out. Good noise blocking earplugs can block out up to 34 db of noise giving them a NRR of 34.

What does db mean?

  • db is stands for decibel. A unit of sound. Chainsaws are 100db and your snoring spouse can reach reach 70db's!

What is a safe level of noise?

  • Any prolonged exposure to loud noise or music can damage your hearing. Any thing louder than 30 db can be problematic if exposure is prolonged.Exposure to loud noise harm your hearing and lead to hearing loss. Use of high noise blocking earplugs in high noise environments will protect your ears and prevent hearing loss.

 Why do my ears hurt when flying?

  • Flying can cause painfully blocked ears because of the rapid changes in pressure that occur on take off and landing. Earplugs help to equalize this pressure by carefully controlling the amount of air entering the ear thereby reducing the build up of pressure and making flying more comfortable.

 What is tinnitus?

  • Tinnitus is constant "ringing in the ears" caused by damage to the tiny sensitive hairs in our ears when we are exposed to loud noise. After exposure to a loud event we are sometimes left with a background ringing in the ears that slowly passes. Repeated exposure to loud events can cause permanent damage and this results in tinnitus. Tinnitus is irreversible but is preventable with the use of earplugs when you are exposed to loud events. 

Can musicians and DJ's get tinnitus? 

  • Yes musicians DJ's and concert goers can get tinnitus and hearing loss with constant exposure to loud music. Professional musicians use high fidelity earplugs to protect their hearing. High fidelity etymotic earplugs use special filters to let in music with clarity and keep out damaging high volume levels.