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Earplugs for Hotels Motels and B&Bs

Ear plugs for Hostels Hotels and Motels and B & B 's

Any Hotelier and Motelier worth their salt knows that the most important thing they provide guests is a good nights sleep and for that guests need peace and quiet. Earplugs and sleepmasks give your guests the peace and quiet they need by allowing them to block out street and traffic noise, noisy neighbours, snoring travel companions and street lights. Give your guests the memory of a quiet restful nights sleep and be rewarded by repeat business and good reviews.  

Earplugs and sleepmasks are a cheap effective solution to make sure your guests enjoy a quiet nights sleep at your establishment and are not disturbed by snoring travel companions, street and traffic noise, noisy neighbours or street lights.You could either provide inexpensive  individually wrapped pairs of foam earplugs as part of the complimentary guest ammenities and/or sleepmasks as a complimentary amenity in rooms or for extra revenue you can retail boxed sleepmasks and earplugs at reception. Please enquire for bulk rates for boxed sleepmasks.