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Motorcyclists and Wind Noise: Why Earplugs Can Help

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There is really nothing like the joy of the open road on a motorbike. The countryside racing by with nothing to think about but the curve of the road ahead. It feels like freedom. What a drag to have to think about your ears! One of the unfortunate drawbacks of avid motorcycling is wind noise combined with the cold that can leave your ears ringing like a pair of church bells before Sunday service. Hearing loss due to damage from exposure to wind noise is a real possibility associated with the riding experience. Even a short ride on your motorbike...

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Neat phone apps to measure noise levels and protect your hearing

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  Neat smart phone apps to measure noise levels and protect your hearing... Want to know how loud is too loud? Here are three great phone apps you can download that measure noise levels and let you know how loud is too loud. They are easy to use and downloadable to your iphone or android. Every day, we encounter a wide variety of noises and often we are unaware that we may be being exposed to damaging harmful levels of noise. The inner ear is comprised of a sensitive structure with tiny hair cells that vibrate when exposed to sound...

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Introducing EarPeace to New Zealand

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EarplugStation is proud to introduce EarPeace High Fidelity earplugs direct to the New Zealand market. High Fidelity (Hi Fi) earplugs do not get any more stylish than EarPeace which come in a snazzy aluminium case in a choice of three colours and include a spare earplug!.  These earplugs are especially designed to lower the volume on loud noises and allow music and human speech to reach the ear. Imported from the USA these earplugs are the latest in Hi Fi earplug technology they are super comfortable and they are flesh toned so they are almost invisible when inserted. They are...

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