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The price of listening to live music...volume levels at concerts, nightclubs and gigs...

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The Price of Listening to Live Music - Hearing Impairment and Loss So you just love to listen to live music, whether it be at a live concert or in a pub or nightclub, but what price is your hearing paying for all of this noise?  Every day, people from around the world are becoming more aware of the extreme negative affects to ones hearing for simply listening to loud music.  If you enjoy doing any of the above, then you'll want to know to what extent you could be damaging your hearing and you'll also want to learn about...

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Motorcyclists and Wind Noise: Why Earplugs Can Help

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There is really nothing like the joy of the open road on a motorbike. The countryside racing by with nothing to think about but the curve of the road ahead. It feels like freedom. What a drag to have to think about your ears! One of the unfortunate drawbacks of avid motorcycling is wind noise combined with the cold that can leave your ears ringing like a pair of church bells before Sunday service. Hearing loss due to damage from exposure to wind noise is a real possibility associated with the riding experience. Even a short ride on your motorbike...

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