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Earbuds blamed for hearing loss in young adults

Earbuds have been blamed as the leading cause of hearing loss among young adults with rates of hearing loss increasing.  A wave of hearing loss in young people is being predicted as we spend more time listening to devices through headphones and earbuds. More than a billion teenagers and young adults are at risk of developing hearing loss from using personal audio devices at damaging levels of sound and from noisy entertainment venues like night clubs and concerts, the World Health Organisation said. Read more http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/351106/earbuds-blamed-for-hearing-loss-in-young-adults  

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Tinnitus Awareness Week

This week is Tinnitus awareness week which aims to educate people about the causes of tinnitus, how to prevent it and how to manage the condition if you already have it.   This Radio NZ interview gives a good explanation on how to prevent and manage tinnitus from an Auckland University Neuroscientist.  https://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/sunday/audio/2018630634/tinnitus-why-you-get-that-ringing-in-your-ears

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Macks Audibles Personal Sound Amplifier Now in Store

Macks Audibles Personal Sound Amplifier Now in Store.  https://earplugstation.com/collections/hearing-aids      

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Two English guys talk about the importance of hearing protection

Alpine music pro Safe Alpine PartyPlug Earmuffs for Drummers earplugs for musicians

Tom & Ben 2 English Youtubers talk about why wearing hearing protection at concerts is important..... see our range of earplugs for concerts here.

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Ten Tips to manage Tinnitus

If you have a experienced hearing loss and already know you have tinnitus here are some useful tips for managing the condition.  Tell your family and friends that you are dealing with tinnitus. This will help them understand the issues you a facing and raise awareness of the issue and how to prevent it.  Listen to soft ambient sounds. Try relaxation CDs that play gentle or natural soundtracks. Avoid stimulants including caffeine at night to help you relax and sleep better If your tinnitus is keeping you up at night try going to another room or making your self a...

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