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Earplugs for Women

This category features earplugs specially designed for the smaller ears of many women and teenagers who have outgrown child size. Many women have tried earplugs and found them to be uncomfortable because they are simply to big and designed for adult male ears. Modern earplugs now come in two or three sizes allowing Women, children and men with smaller ears to find earplugs that fit snuggly and provide good NRR effect and are comfortable as well. If you are unsure about the right size for you it is best to sample the sizes available to find the right fit. As a rule if you have tried other earplugs and found them to be uncomfortable it may be because they were too big and you need to try a smaller size. Included in this category are moldable earplugs that can be shaped to fit all ear sizes. For women with very small ears we recommend children's earplugs for a comfort.