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Introducing EarPeace to New Zealand

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EarplugStation is proud to introduce EarPeace High Fidelity earplugs direct to the New Zealand market. High Fidelity (Hi Fi) earplugs do not get any more stylish than EarPeace which come in a snazzy aluminium case in a choice of three colours and include a spare earplug!. 

These earplugs are especially designed to lower the volume on loud noises and allow music and human speech to reach the ear. Imported from the USA these earplugs are the latest in Hi Fi earplug technology they are super comfortable and they are flesh toned so they are almost invisible when inserted. They are available in white beige and brown flesh tones so you can match them perfectly to your own skin tone. So unobtrusive you can wear them at concerts and nightclubs and almost no one will notice!

These earplugs have received rave reviews from wearers at live concerts and music events and travelers at noisy hostels and Motels. Musicians love them and they are ideal for the speedway and on a motorbike. These multi purpose earplugs are great value for money. The long stem for easy insertion and comfortable soft plastic flanges makes for user friendly earplugs that are guaranteed to protect your ears from damaging loud noise music and wind noise.

Find these listed under Earplugs for musicians. 





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