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Prevent Surfer's Ear With A Pair of ZENPLUGS For Surfers

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Prevent Surfer's Ear With A Pair of ZENPLUGS For Surfers

Surfer's ear is the closing over of the ear by bony outgrowths from the wall of the ear canal.  Most lifelong surfers will have some evidence of the condition which is caused by the cooling effect of wind and water on the ear and the mastoid bone; the hard lump behind your ear.  The bony outgrowths come from your skull, gradually closing over the ear resulting in progressive deafness over the course of years.  Deafness is a late sign of the condition, in the early stages hearing is usually preserved and the condition go unnoticed.  In the late stages treatment is unpleasant and involves the removal of the bone using a chisel or drill.
The other problem cause by the condition is an increased risk of ear infections.  The reduced diameter of the opening to the ear results in debris building up in the ear canal; this becomes waterlogged and otitis externa, also known as swimmer's ear follows.  This consists of redness, soreness, itching, discharge and reduced hearing.
Surfer's ear can be prevented by wearing a good pair of ear plugs for surfing.  We stock ZenPlugs Molded Earplugs on our page here;  They are individually molded to your ears from a kit, don't deteriorate in sea water and are even antibacterial so actively prevent ear infections.  More information on ZenPlugs is available on their website at

In order to prevent surfer's ear it is important to wear a surfing cap pulled low over your ears to keep the wind and water off the mastoid bone.  Remember; because of the cooling effect of evaporation it is still possible to get surfer's ear if you surf in warm waters in the summer.  Prevention is better than cure; wear ear plugs and hood.

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