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History of Earplugs

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Did you know that the first recorded mention of the use of earplugs is in the classic Greek tale The Odyssey?. On their journey Odysseus is warned about the Sirens that sing from an island they will sail past. Circe their hostess tells them of the Sirens bewitching song that makes men drive their boats ashore and perish. She advised Odysseus to fashion earplugs for his men from beeswax so they would not be lured to their deaths by the sirens song.

Earplug and hearing protection technology and materials have come a long way since the days of The Odyssey but good old fashioned natural beeswax remains one of the best materials for hearing protection around. At EarplugStation currently stock blue Mighty Plugs made in the USA.

Beeswax earplugs are great multi purpose earplugs.  Brilliant for blocking out snoring spouses because they are so comfortable to wear when you sleep. They are also great for surfing and swimming as they create a watertight seal over your ear. Surfers and swimmer alike use them to prevent painful "surfers ear". Motorbike riders also use these plugs under their helmets to reduce wind noise and keep cold air out. One size fits all allows you to use as much or as little of the wax plug so they are ideal for children.  




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