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National Foundation for the Deaf NZ urges hearing protection for children & babies

National Foundation for the Deaf New Zealand general manager Louise Carroll said a survey of 65 kindergartens, playcentres and kohanga reo found 20 per cent of children had been affected by high noise levels. Some were stressed or distressed but about 8 per cent of children starting school had some hearing loss, she said. Read more EarplugStation has a great range of earmuffs for kids, babies and toddlers.  See the full range here

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Children's Ears and Hearing Protection

When you think about hearing protection, you likely think about construction workers with jack hammers, DJ's in deafening nightclubs and race car drivers. But, have you considered protecting the hearing of your family? Protecting your children's ears from loud noise is the best way to protect their long term hearing and is entirely within your control. How Does Noise Damage a Child's Hearing? When we hear sound, delicate hair cells in our inner ears vibrate and create nerve signals, which are interpreted by our brain as sound. When the tiny hairs are overwhelmed with loud noises, especially over time, they...

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Alpine MotoSafe ON SALE NOW!

Alpine motorbikes Motosafe windnoise

Want to see what's in the box? Watch the unboxing video below... Legendary Alpine MotoSafe earplugs are now on sale. Only $29.95 for one set PLUS you still get the FREE BANDANA! Available only for a limited time!   Click picture to BUY NOW.  

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The Snore Stopper

The Snore Stopper The Ultimate solution to a snoring spouse!

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How do top DJ's protect their hearing?

Did you know that most top DJ's wear earplugs to protect their hearing? In this article 9 top international DJ's talk about how they protect their hearing with earplugs wen they perform. Read More

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