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Two English guys talk about the importance of hearing protection

Alpine music pro Safe Alpine PartyPlug Earmuffs for Drummers earplugs for musicians

Tom & Ben 2 English Youtubers talk about why wearing hearing protection at concerts is important..... see our range of earplugs for concerts here.

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NEW Flare Isolate Earplugs

earplugs for motorsports earplugs for musicians Musicians deafness

Flare Isolate Earplugs NOW IN STORE Check out video at the end of the post. Try these first of their kind earplugs made from solid metal from Flare Audio Ltd. Comes with three sizes of memory foam tips with each set of Isolate Aluminium earplugs. Reusable and designed for life-long use, ISOLATE® is perfect anytime you want to reduce sound levels. “Solid metal is a good conductor so it has never been considered for use as an ear protector before,” Flare explains. “But what we discovered was that, in order to conduct sound, metals need a direct connection. Without a direct connection,...

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