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Ten Tips to manage Tinnitus

If you have a experienced hearing loss and already know you have tinnitus here are some useful tips for managing the condition. 

  1. Tell your family and friends that you are dealing with tinnitus. This will help them understand the issues you a facing and raise awareness of the issue and how to prevent it. 
  2. Listen to soft ambient sounds. Try relaxation CDs that play gentle or natural soundtracks.
  3. Avoid stimulants including caffeine at night to help you relax and sleep better
  4. If your tinnitus is keeping you up at night try going to another room or making your self a warm drink before going back to bed. 
  5. Since stress can make tinnitus worse try to keep your stress levels low. Use relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation that can help control your stress response. 
  6. Improvements to your general health and lifestyle with better diet and more exercise could also help with your tinnitus.
  7. During the day play gentle sounds in the background. 
  8. Invest in good quality earplugs if you go to clubs or concerts. Good earplugs will lower volume without affecting sound quality.
  9. If you work in a noisy environment ask your employer for good hearing protection.
  10. Try complementary therapies like acupuncture or reflexology. Although complementary therapies may not have a direct benefit on your tinnitus, they can help you manage stress levels making it easier to cope with tinnitus better

Tips sourced from Action Hearing Loss UK





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    Tinnitus is an annoying sound in one or both ears that is frequently described as a ringing, buzzing, hissing, whooshing or clicking. It is extremely common, affecting about 20 percent of the population. For some people, it is a mild distraction, while others find it a great nuisance.

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