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NEW Flare Isolate Earplugs

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Flare Isolate Earplugs NOW IN STORE Check out video at the end of the post.

Try these first of their kind earplugs made from solid metal from Flare Audio Ltd.

  • Comes with three sizes of memory foam tips with each set of Isolate Aluminium earplugs.
  • Reusable and designed for life-long use, ISOLATE® is perfect anytime you want to reduce sound levels.

“Solid metal is a good conductor so it has never been considered for use as an ear protector before,” Flare explains. “But what we discovered was that, in order to conduct sound, metals need a direct connection. Without a direct connection, solid metal blocks and reflects sound perfectly. When you isolate a small piece of metal or dense material in soft foam inside your ear, sound cannot get into it through the flexible medium of air: it becomes the perfect isolator. Understanding this principle drove us to develop the perfect ear plug or ‘protector’. We wanted to revolutionise hearing protection."

ISOLATE® blocks sound from entering the ears and so attenuates all frequencies. Sound is not able to conduct into the patent-pending technology that ISOLATE® uses, which means users are able to effectively turn their ears off to direct sound. The only sound you hear while using ISOLATE® is from bone conduction, which results in an enjoyable and balanced experience with safe, low level sound detail, rather than the rumble and distortion created by traditional ear plugs.

These revolutionary earplugs are ideal for:

 • Travel • Sports/motor racing/bikes • Aerospace/aviation • Live music events (incredible detail at safe levels) • Noisy working environments • Manufacturing
• Sleeping (isolation from snoring/other noises) • H&S companies/employers • Heavy Industry • Studying • Construction/industrial • Utilities industry
• Audiophiles • Agriculture • Anywhere you want to reduce noise levels

Isolate Aluminium Earplugs come with three sizes of earfoams Small, Medium and Large and handy carry pouch.  Click here to buy now.

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