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Sonic defenders

Sonic defenders

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SureFire® EP3 Sonic Defenders® protect your hearing from dangerous noise levels-including sudden impulse noise like gunshots-while allowing you to still hear safe ambient sounds. So you enjoy effective hearing protection while maintaining situational awareness and the ability to hear important conversations and commands. See fitting guide to find the right size for you. Available in small, medium and large.


  • Two levels of protection with filter caps in or out—the louder the noise, the more the protection
  • Patented Ear Lock rings provide unparalleled retention
  • Double-flanged stem is adjustable for comfort & fit
  • Hypoallergenic soft-polymer construction provides all-day comfort & durability
  • Can be used as an earpiece for compatible radio communications systems

Filtered Sonic Defenders use established,non-electronic technology to reduce dangerous noise while allowing the hearing of safe-level conversations, commands, and ambient sounds.

  • Loud, potentially harmful sound waves enter the filter.
  • Sound waves above 85dB hit the ridges inside the filter.
  • These sound waves reflect off the ridges of the narrowing walls and cancel themselves out.
  • Dangerous sound levels are reduced, and safe levels pass through.
  • The louder the sound, the more noise gets canceled

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