Alpine Pluggies multipurpose earplugs for your child protects kids ears –
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Alpine Pluggies multipurpose earplugs for kids

Alpine Pluggies multipurpose earplugs for kids

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Pluggies are a great multi use all round earplug for kids from Alpine.

Pluggies are effective at blocking water when swimming, reducing noise and music and reducing in flight air pressure in ears. Protect your kids sensitive ears with this versatile effective earplug designed specially for kids. 


  • Blocks water when swimming: good for kids with grommets and to prevent ear infections
  • Regulates air pressure in ears so reduces ear discomfort when flying
  • Reduces noise and music to a safe level at motorsports, concerts and other noisy environments

Reduce in flight discomfort by reduces pressure build up in ears

Good noise reduction to stop damage to hearing from loud noise and loud music

Waterproof to stop water in the ear when swimming

Excellent long lasting product from Alpine hearing protection which will protect your kids hearing in the long run.

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