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Alpine MusicSafe Pro

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Alpine MusicSafe Pro

The MusicSafe Pro  has been developed especially for attenuation of music and is a one size fits all earplug that fits in any ear. Alpine MusicSafe Pro® has three different exchangeable filter sets for music. These filters prevent exposure to excessive noise while the music remains crystal clear. The white filters offer a low attenuation, the silver filters offer a medium attenuation and the gold filters offer a high attenuation. The earplug tips are made from a durable, flexible thermoplastic polymer. With the warmth of the ear the earplug tips soften and adapt to the shape of the wearers ear making them very comfortable to wear even for long periods of time.  

Hearing loss among musicians is widespread. Previous generations were not educated to protect their hearing when exposed to loud music for long periods of time and as result have suffered hearing loss. The longer you are exposed to loud music the more likely you are   to damage your hearing. 
Millions of music lovers would not contemplate life without their music. However, even more so than their avid listeners, musicians risk their hearing when exposed to loud levels of music for long periods of time. As many as three out of four musicians have hearing disorders making hearing protection an invaluable part of their performance. Hearing damage is a gradual and irreversible process, which leads to hearing loss, tinnitus and other physical problems. Freddy Mercury, Phil Collins, Sting, Eric Clapton, Cher and Rod Steward are famous artists who suffer from hearing loss, caused during their career. They could have prevented this by protecting the hearing, in order to enjoy their career and music for many more years!
Taking responsibility for protecting yourself today will help reduce the risk of hearing damage and loss later in your life! Alpine MusicSafe Pro are the gold standard in off the shelf hearing protection for musicians and DJs. Get your self a pair today!


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