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Help answers to some common problems....

Problem: I can't check out!

Q. I put items in the cart and when I click "proceed to check out" the items disappear? and I am back to square one?

A. This sounds like your browser is not picking up the order and is staying stuck on a cached page. To fix this problem
after you place items in check out click the "refresh" button in the browser. This should refresh in the information your browser is reading and allow you to move to the next step "proceed to check out" and on to Paypal. Refresh your page after each step if necessary. If this is a reoccurring problem try emptying your cache and clearing your browsing history.


Q. I can't login!

A. Check you have your correct details and are using the same password and email that you used to set up your account. If necessary reset your password by following the instructions "I forgot my password"

Q. I am asked for my credit card details in Paypal before I know my total including shipping rates? Will I be charged after this step?

A. Steps to placing an order are 1. Select products 2. Proceed to check out 3. Paypal requests credit card details                4. Shopping cart is finalised with shipping rates and discount coupons entered at this step 5. Customer approves order and Paypal charges credit card. Your order will only be processed after this last step.