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Welcome to EarplugStation

Welcome to our specialist online store bringing you New Zealand's most comprehensive range of earplugs. Our products are arranged by use so if you need a pair of earplugs for swimming look in the category "Swimming" or search using the key word "swimming" or "waterproof" and you will find the range of options best suited to your needs. We have earplugs for every occasion: earplugs for swimming and surfing, earplugs for bathing, earplugs for sleeping, earplugs for studying, earplugs for flying, earplugs for motorsports, earplugs for gigs and music practice, earplugs for women and earplugs for kids. Chances are if you are looking for any type of earplug we have it. If you have any questions just drop us a line and we will recommend some products for your needs.


Why do you need earplugs?

We live in an increasingly noisy world where we are surrounded by constant noise. From the everyday din of traffic, TV's, movies, radios through to concerts, gigs and noisy workshops and hobbies like swimming surfing or hunting and shooting.  Our ears are assaulted by a range and volume of noise that our ancestors could not have imagined. Our ears are sensitive and delicate receptors, the gateway to one of our most precious of senses. Just ask anyone who has suffered some hearing loss what an important part of their life it is and how diminished our experience of the world is without it.  Our hearing is something we should all try to protect and preserve. Too many people gradually lose their hearing over a lifetime from exposure to noise, music and water. Hearing loss doesn't occur with one loud event or one exposure to water but is a gradual process that can have devastating effects as we age. Musicians, swimmers, hunters and even frequent flyers can have damage to their ears.  The good news is that we can save our hearing if we take sensible steps and protect our ears throughout our lifetime. We don't need to be deaf oldies and with the right care we can preserve our hearing for the long haul.  Browse the range of earplugs by use from the top menu and browse by brand below.